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5 Basics Every Woman Should Own

If you’re like us you want to: wake up, get dressed and get on with your day.  You don’t have time to stress out in front of the closet.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of five basic essentials every Brass Babe should own.  With these five pieces, you can change looks with ease.  No one will ever notice it’s your 3rd time wearing the Sweater Dress this week.

1. White Button Down

A classic white button down will give any outfit a little polish.  We like J.Crew’s stretch button down because it’s fitted and doesn’t bulk or bunch under your dress.

2. Statement Scarf

The statement scarf is a great way to give a little personality to your outfit.  If we’re going for more of a formal look, we’ll use a scarf from Block Shop Textiles.  If we’re looking for something casual, we’ll wrap ourselves in a cozy, knit scarf.

3. Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are one of our favorite pieces to layer with. They’re fun and give a little bit of life to any outfit. Plus, they’re perfect for extra warmth in the cooler months.

4. Black Tights

Don’t hide those Fit & Flare’s away yet, ladies. A good pair of black tights will keep you in short dresses all year long.  We suggest you invest in a high-quality pair. We love Smartwool.

5. Booties

Last but not least, every woman should have a cute pair of booties in her closet. We love booties because they’re super versatile and look good with every dress style. We have a pretty strong affection for Kork Ease around the Brass office.

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