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A New Way To Shop: The Brass Edit


We could say that we’ve learned a lot over the last 2 years, but really we’ve learned a sh*tload. The number one source for all this valuable information? Customer conversations. We receive daily emails from our customers. We talk to them over the phone. We have discussions with our brand ambassadors in our Facebook Group. We respond to comments on Instagram. All of these channels provide us with invaluable insight on the wants and needs of our customers. We read, we listen, and then, we respond by improving our product and the experience in a way that truly benefits our customers. This amazing back-and-forth between company and customer is something we prize and never take for granted.

This week, we’re getting ready to launch a new way to shop with us and it was developed in direct response to these customer conversations and behavior. Over the past two years, we noticed many of our customers shop in the same way. First, they find Brass and buy one or two things. Within 30 days they place a second order. Within 60-90 days they place a third order. These women are shopping with intent, buying one or two items at a time. We witnessed this trend emerge and said to ourselves, “This is exactly how we shop!”

From this behavior, we could assume that women were shopping with intent, but we also had anecdotal feedback. We were receiving emails from customers about how they were trying to craft a smaller wardrobe with quality pieces and Brass was helping them do that.

“Being able to have a light closet with quality pieces that we can dress up or down and that we have to lightly maintain with our busy schedules is genius! These pieces show that I care about my style but I don’t have to try too hard.”

After many months of stewing on this information and playing around with different ideas, we finally came up with a new way to shop that was in-line with our core customer behavior. We developed the bones of the idea and surveyed more than 250 of our customers. We asked for more feedback from our Chief Babes. And now, we are finally getting ready to launch The Brass Edit. (And we couldn’t be more psyched!)


The Brass Edit is a 6-month program that guides you in choosing 6 core pieces that work for your lifestyle. The result is a beautiful, foundational wardrobe. Here’s how it works:

Step 1, December: You’ll receive The Edit Kit, a box that contains tips & tricks on how to clean out your closet, 6 Brass hangers, and a postage-paid envelope for your old clothes that can be donated or recycled. We want to make it as easy as possible to start fresh.

Step 2:  You’ll set up a 30-minute Skype or Facetime appointment with a someone from our team to talk about how your current wardrobe is not working for you. Then, we’ll come up with a game plan on how to build a better wardrobe that does work.

Step 3, January: In the first week of January, you’ll receive an email with a code to purchase your first item from The Edit Collection. The collection contains 10 core pieces and 6 seasonal pieces. One new seasonal piece will be added each month, so by the end of the program, you will have been able to choose from 16 pieces. The Collection contains some of our current fan favs, plus some awesome new pieces (think denim).

Step 4: For the next 5 months you will go through the same process. Each month you will choose one new item and we will encourage you to be thoughtful in your choices. We’ll ask you to think about what events you have coming up; what items are missing from your wardrobe. And we’ll show you ways to mix and match to make multiple outfits with your Edit pieces.

Once June rolls around, we think you’ll be feeling pretty accomplished. You’ll experience how a smaller, purposeful wardrobe allows you to get dressed faster and leaves you with less doubt about whether or not “you look good”. To put it simply, you’ll be looking damn good and you’ll finally feel like your closet is under control. The total investment in The Edit is $548, which includes:

  • The Edit Kit
  • Your 30-min Closet Consult
  • 6 brand-new pieces from The Edit Collection (shipped for free)
  • Plus a free shipping code to use on any other Brass items you’d like to purchase over the 6 months

If we’re being completely honest, this is a totally new idea for us. There is a chance that no one will buy it. Maybe we’ll find out that this is a total flop. But, if we are also honest with our gut instinct, we think this could be something really special and impactful. There are many subscription and box companies that simply provide you with a lot of stuff, chosen by a “stylist”. Most of them exist for the sake of getting you to buy more, which is why after 6 months, most people quit. In contrast, we also know there are a lot of women out there who are looking for something different. In fact, we can safely say that we have a couple thousand customers who are trying to become more thoughtful, conscious shoppers and are looking for a little guidance. The Brass Edit was made for these women. If any of this resonates with you, keep an eye on your inbox. We’re launching The Edit waitlist this coming week and we’d love to have you!


With love and gratitude,

Jay & Katie

A few other details: The Brass Edit will be available for purchase from Nov. 25th through Nov. 28th. Because this is a new concept, we are limiting it to 500 participants. We know the price might be prohibitive to some, so we are offering an option to purchase the Edit in two installments for $288. You’ll pay $288 at sign-up and the other $288 half way through the program. We’ll have lots more details listed on the waitlist website, so keep an eye out for that this week!

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