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Choosing The Right Dress Doesn’t Have To Be So Damn Difficult

Over the past year we have learned so much about how women shop online. And trust us, it isn’t pretty. We keep seeing one thing over and over again:

Women struggle to choose a style that fits their body type and makes them feel beautiful and confident.

We want to change that. We want to make it easier for you to find a dress in the right size and the right style. A dress you totally adore and feel like a million bucks in.

So, we’re creating body guides. And since we aren’t idiots and we actually understand what women want, there won’t be any vegetables or fruits or shapes. Hallelujah.


Really, though. No woman has ever felt good about identifying with a “rectangle” or a “pear.”

Our Brass Body Guides will be so much better than that, mostly because they will feature you, our Brass babes. Here’s why they are going to kick ass:

Real photos of real women in real life. (We won’t be photoshoppin’).

Fit recommendations based on how you want to feel.
(No carrots or triangles allowed).

Style tips for taking your look to the next level.  (You can always look more fly).

Here’s where you come in.

If you have a Brass dress you love, and you want to help us out, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Take a badass photo. See our tips below.

  2. Tell us why you love the way you look and feel in the dress.

  3. Text (857) 362-7708 or email us the photo and quote.

  4. Know you’re making a difference in how we shop and view our bodies!

A few guidelines to keep in mind:

-Background: Take a photo in front of a consistent background. It doesn’t have to be white, but lighter backgrounds tend to show up best. Natural light is your friend, so try to take the pic during the day.

-Photo Size: The photo should be cropped to square or easily cropped to square without cutting off your face or feet. We want to see as much of you as possible! Be sure to send us a high-res photo taken with your phone.

-Permission: By sending us your photo and quote you agree to allow us to use it on our website and on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). We will only use your “First name, Last initial” for the quote. If at any time you would like us to remove your photo and quote, simply email us and we will gladly do so.

And now for a little inspiration.

An example always helps. We put together a few photos of us in our favorite dresses and some tips for taking a great photo.

Jay: “I adore the Fit & Flare. It is definitely the most versatile dress I own. It is more of a feminine silhouette than I typically wear, but it defines my waist and gives me a great figure without being clingy. I usually like to cover my arms, but the thickness of the strap makes me feel comfortable in this dress. I love to wear it with sandals and a jean jacket on the weekend or peep toes and simple jewelry for a night out.”


Pro-photo tip: If the dress has pockets, put one hand in the pocket and let the thumb sit on the outside of the pocket. This way your arm won’t look amputated

Katie: “The Column Dress is a definite “power dress” for me.  I wear it when I want to look and feel stand-out good.  I have a curvy body (boobs, butt, hips) and the dress plays well to my feminine shape.  The length and quality of the knit make me feel professional and polished.  I’ve done presentations in the Column Dress and worn it to baby showers; it’s always a hit. I’m 5’5 and typically wear a size 4 dress.  The dress I have on is a size small.”


Pro-Photo Tip: Turn 1/4 away from the camera and throw your arm on your hip for a slimming angle. Look away from the camera and smile as if it’s 4:30 on a Friday.

Katie: “The Sweater Dress has become a fall staple in my wardrobe.  It’s super versatile; I can dress it up with a beautiful scarf or down with a chambray shirt and casual sneakers.  Wearing something that is well made (high-quality knit and great construction) makes me feel good and gives me an extra boost of confidence.”


Pro-Photo Tip: You can make almost any setting work as long as the light is good. This photo was taken in the rear entrance of our office building. The consistent white background and the indirect sunlight coming through the door made for a great photo. Make sure your face is always angled towards the light and not in the shadow.

Katie: “The Pencil Dress is a body-hugger, but that’s why I love it!  If you embrace your curves or are looking to emphasize your shape, this dress is for you.  It’s snug around the hips and booty, to give a nice feminine feel.  I’m 5’5, it hits right at the knee so the tightness is balanced with a conservative length.”


Pro-Photo Tip: Feel free to take a photo outside, but look for a consistent background. Brick, concrete, stone, and the sides of buildings make for good, consistent backgrounds.

Jay: “I probably wear the Sweater Dress 3 times a week when the temp drops below 60. I love it with black tights and knee high boots in the fall. I love it with leggings and snow boots in the winter. But mostly I love it because it isn’t super bulky and shapeless like other sweater dresses. It’s the perfect amount of shape and comfort. I am 5’4″, typically wear a size 8 and wear a medium in Brass dresses.”


Pro-Photo Tip: We prefer a full length photo so we can see all your babeness. But if you can’t get the shot, crop your photo below the knees and make sure you get your whole face in there! It is much more figure flattering than if you crop at the thigh.

Jay: “I wouldn’t normally think the Tunic would look good on my curvy figure. However, it is fitted around my chest and butt and doesn’t cling to my stomach. The length is also great for my 5’4″ figure because I can wear heels without feeling too risque. I feel so put-together and mature in this dress. I feel like a woman; professional and sophisticated. This will be my go-to for meetings with investors


Pro-Photo Tip: Not sure what to do with your hands? Feel like you are making awkward faces? It’s cool. Look down at your shoes or play with hair or your jewelry. You’ll still get a great photo!

We can’t wait to see your photos!

We are truly excited by this project. We hope that we are able to make an impact on your online shopping experience and how women view their bodies. Thank you for always lending us a helping hand and for your support. We love you, #brassbabes.

xx Jay and Katie

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