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City Scout: San Francisco

City Scout is a blog series where we invite our savviest Brass Babes to share their favorite, lesser-known spots in their local city or town. Our City Scout this month is Shoshana Gould who is sharing her favorite spots in San Francisco, CA.

My spot for early release on a Friday. 

With a huge selection of wine and a pretty-perfect location in the city’s historic Ferry Building, the Ferry Plaza Wine Bar is my go-to spot to relax on a Friday afternoon. Local tip: they let you bring in food from other vendors, so grab some cheese from nearby Cowgirl Creamery and some freshly-baked bread from Acme to make yourself a Friday afternoon picnic. Afterwards, you are in an amazing place to watch the sun set over the Bay Bridge.

When I need to get my exercise on I head here. 

I always prefer exercising outside and, thankfully, the San Francisco Bay Area has an abundance of places to do so. San Francisco’s Lands End Trail is the perfect urban hiking spot. Land’s End has it all – a panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, a detour down to a sandy beach, and a stroll through the mansions of Sea Cliff. It’s almost impossible to do the Land’s End Trail without taking a picture so, if you’re #DoingItForTheInsta, this is a must-do.

The place you take your friend to lift her spirits/drown her sorrows.

Nob Hill’s charming wine bar, Amelie, is an ideal place to come with a girlfriend. It’s busy throughout the day, but intimate enough where you can still have an actual conversation. And, you’ll blend right in with all of the locals. Take advantage of the wine flight during happy hour and the make-your-own charcuterie anytime.

My absolute favorite, but under appreciated, restaurant. 

Burma Love might not qualify as an under-appreciated restaurant, but it sure does qualify as one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Located in the Mission District, Burma Love is the place to go if you’re in the mood for some tea leaf salad Burmese-style beef curry. They don’t take reservations but the atmosphere in their attached bar makes waiting for your table almost as enjoyable as eating your food.

The secret city spot no one else knows about. 

If you’re short on time while visiting and can’t make it to nearby Muir Woods or Redwood Regional Park to see Northern California’s famous redwood trees, you’re in luck. San Francisco’s famous Transamerica Pyramid has a infrequently-visited redwood grove located right in the heart of the city. The juxtaposition between the giant redwoods and the high-rises of the Financial District is hard to beat. It’s closed on the weekends, but makes for a perfect weekday picnic spot.

Love where you live and want to share your favorite spots? Email us to be considered for a City Scout post.

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