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Classic For a Reason

There are some styles that stand the test of time. When it comes time to think about the pieces to we want to design each season, we take a cue from what’s current, but often find plenty of inspiration in the styles that are everlasting.

The pieces that span decades are, on the surface, straightforward - they lend themselves to simplicity and beg to be worn (and reinvented) again and again. Here we took a look at some of our favorite time travelers and the women who wore them well side-by-side with the pieces you’ve told us have made your life (and morning routine) a little easier.

Audrey Hepburn + The Modern Trouser

Audrey Hepburn + Modern Trouser -- Brass

What’s not to love about Audrey? She easily transforms both in her personal style and the roles she played. We find ourselves more attracted to her Funny Face style - the all-black beatnik, tap dancing in slim trousers & flats. Her son is quoted as saying “If there was timelessness, it was because she believed in quality, and if she is still an icon of style today, it is because once she found her look, she stayed with it throughout her life.” Our kind of girl and an inspiration for The Modern Trouser

Lauren Hutton + The Button Down Blouse

Lauren Hutton + The Button Down Blouse -- Brass

Known for her All-American charm and “less is more” mentality when it comes to style, Lauren Hutton deserves a spot on every style icon list forever (in our humble opinion). She had a way of uniform dressing that managed to look chic no matter where she was. One of her beloved staples was the white button down - often paired with a blazer and denim. Lauren Hutton made looking classic and dressing minimally elegant and arguably could be crowned the mother of Model Off-Duty style. 

Twiggy + The A-Line

Twiggy + A-line -- Brass

While her bold makeup and short bob may have been what made her famous, Twiggy was also the poster child for “Swingin London” sixties style. Regardless of her small frame, she rocked the mod A-line dress in many of her most famous shoots. The balance of the more boxy shape dress and bare legs became a signature of the era and remains in prominence today.

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