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How to Dress as a Creative Professional

Elana is a photographer and model turned digital marketing and social media marketing consultant.  She is the curator behind, and we’ve teamed up with her on a three-part guest blog series, The Curated Creative.  In this series Elana will share how she stays stylish as a creative professional.

As I mentioned in my Office Makeover post, I am thrilled to be starting this three-part series The Curated Creative! This series is going to focus on how to dress as a creative professional without compromising your personality or creativity!

As a creative + social marketing consultant, I work from home most of the time. That means that I may rock leggings + cozy clothes abittttt more than I’d like to admit! (No judgement please) But, the days I feel most productive are the days that I take it just one step farther than leggings–into something comfortable but CHIC.Yes, you can have both in one outfit! Usually, I’m most comfortable in a loose-fitting dress that makes it easy to sit in any position I like without feeling uncomfortable. Like this one, from Brass Clothing. It’s even called the T-Shirt Dress! Like come on?! Love that! It’s important to me to be comfortable because I work all over. I sometimes work in my office, on our master bed or even on the rugdownstairs.

I like to start an outfit with a staple piece, something solid from which you can build. I love this gray t-shirt dress because it is cute + professional, something I would feel comfortable meeting a client in, but also comfortable enough that I don’t mind lounging around in at home. Not to mention the fabric is incredibly soft + the dress is structured well to be very casual + flattering.

With a high-neck like this one, I like to wear my hair up. Toss it in a quick top knot, so that it’s no fuss & enables me to dive into my projects for the day. Next, I add personal touches to make what I’m wearing feel catered to me + my personality. I wear my glasses more often than not so I like to view them as an ‘accessory’ rather than a necessity. It keeps me loving + celebrating my frames! Now, to give the outfit a bit more attention, I paired my favorite 31 Bits statement necklace with it. Although this piece is on the larger side, the texture & colors of the beads have a casual vibe of which I can’t get enough!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetIn my opinion, style doesn’t define who you are! The person you are defines your style. I am not the person who has one ‘style’ or category that I fit into – I wear what I like & I wear what works well with my body. How I define my style is a way to express my creativity, to give you a dose into the vibe of my work simply by looking into the aesthetic of my clothing.

That may seem weird, but you can get a sense that–
I have a more minimal aesthetic.
I tend to lean more toward brushed metals instead of glam accents.
I like a certain color palette–tending to lean more towards neutrals & desaturated colors.

Do you get where I’m going here? The way I dress can act as an extension of creativity. 

So when you’re dressing as a creative professional, do not look to the last generation of workforce. But rather, look into yourself. Yes, you want to be structured, modest + pulled-together, but don’t sacrifice YOU. Don’t throw on a blazer with puffy shoulder pads or an all black outfit built around a pencil skirt & heels if you hate those kinds of pieces. The world is transforming, allowing for a more relaxed version of the professional. Embrace it. Craft that to fit your personal style.


1. Start with a staple piece
2. Invest in pieces you love not like
3. Make comfort a priority
4. Show your personality with accessories
5. Be confident in whatever you wear!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetWhether you work from home, or head into an office–put your best foot forward! Get dressed in the morning. Take that extra step. Reflect your style. I bet you that it will have a positive effect on your day!

How do you show your personal style, yet keep it professional?

T-Shirt Dress From Brass Clothing

Statement Necklace From 31 Bits

Glasses from Fetch Eyewear

Desk + Chair from Walker Edison Furniture

Art Piece in the Background by Connor Mathie


Aria Diffuser + Oils from Young Living (email me at if you’re interested!)

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