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Kickstarter Day 1: Let’s Keep Up The Pace!

It has been 24 hours since our Kickstarter launched we are already 25% funded! Let’s keep up the momentum! The faster we get funded the more likely we are to get featured in press and spread the word about Brass! 

In particular we’d love for you, our current customers, to help us spread the word. There is no better recommendation than word of mouth, so please tell your friends about us if you love what we’re doing.

So, if have a sec, please share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here is the link:

Here are three easy steps for sharing. We know you are busy gals!

Click to share on Facebook

(Facebook is the #1 referrer of traffic for Kickstarter projects!)

2. Tweet on Twitter. 

Here are a few ideas for tweets. Click to tweet them, quick and easy:

3. Post on Instagram. 

Here are some pics that you can download and share on your own Insta. Just be sure to tag us (@brassclothing) in the picture and hashtag it #kicksomebrass so we can check it out!

And as always, many thanks and so much love to you all!

xo Jay and Katie

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