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Mid Summer Progress Report

We know the dresses we’ve been showing you on facebook and instagram have been a tease.   Many of our friends and family have asked when they can finally get their hands on a Brass dress.  Well, the short answer is soon – hopefully by September.   But, there are a few things we need to take care of between now and then in order to get ready for launch.  Here’s a quick look at what’ll be happening at Brass over the next 8 weeks. 

Finalize Salesman Samples

We are on round 2 of samples with our factory.  We thrilled to see the quality of our first round of samples: the fit samples.  Fit samples are made to ensure the clothing is the correct size, shape and style. We’re now waiting for our salesman samples to arrive.  The salesman samples should be as close to the finished product as possible.  They are meant to come in the correct size, fabric and color.  They are the final step before placing our order with the factory.


Trip to China!

Once the salesman samples are finalized, we will place our order with the factory.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to go to China for the production of our first line.  While we’re in China we will also be looking for new factories to expand our production capabilities.  We will be visiting different factories that specialize in knits.  It may be summer but thoughts of cozy sweater dresses have been swirling around our heads!      


In the Meantime

While we finalize the salesman samples, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy!  Here are some of our big projects we’re working on include:

-Finalizing our website!   The e-commerce nerds in us are very excited to show customers the fun, new twists we’ve put on our website.  Showing our dresses styled for day and night is just one of the things we’re doing to create an awesome user experience.

-Marketing and Networking.  We know the power of word of mouth and are excited to get our dresses in the hands of some influential journalists, stylists, bloggers and business people.  

-Product details.  From care tags, to shipping inserts, there are tons of things to print and prep before launch.

Thanks to all for your continued support.  We can’t wait to bring you Brass! 

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