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Our Go-To Duos

With the launch of The Duos this week, we’ve been talking a lot about tried and true pairs. Our focus is always to help women build wardrobes, which means relying less on buying individual pieces and thinking more about how those pieces work together.

We love The Duos because they are curated for specific lifestyles and guaranteed to make your closet feel refreshed, without having to buy into trends. That being said, we’ve noticed that we all have our own version of trends - go-to combos that we reach for when we need to feel pulled together, and most importantly, like ourselves in a short period of time.

Boyfriend Jeans & A Button Down - Jay Adams, co-founder

“This combination is all about balance for me. The relaxed denim lends itself to a more laidback, boyish vibe on the bottom, but rather than swing too far into casual, a button-down blouse adds femininity and tailoring to the top.

An Oversized Jacket & Knee High Suede Boots - Katie Demo, co-founder

I love this look because it's the perfect combination of elevated and unique. I have a few oversized jackets that I go between depending on the look I'm going for - army jacket for casual, shearling for glam. Regardless, the sleek silhouette of my knee-high boots keeps things looking sophisticated.”

A Blazer & Boyfriend Jeans - Lexie O'Connor, Operations Manager

“Looks like we’ve got a thing for boyfriend jeans around here! I agree with what Jay said about balance. I tend to reach for a blazer because it instantly elevates jeans and a T-shirt - it can go from work to dinner and drinks with no problem. Plus it feels chic and comfortable.”

A Top Knot & Lipstick - Janine Stafford, Content & Community Manager

“Okay, so it’s not clothing, but when I need an instant pick me up, or I’m just not feeling my outfit, a sure-fire way for me to feel confident is to throw my hair in a messy top knot (you know, the kind that takes you 6 times for it to look effortless) and a bright lipstick - my current favorite is Funny Face by Nars. This has been my go-to since college and has yet to fail me since.”

We’re dying to know… what’s your go-to duo?

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