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Q: Can Sweaters Be Sexy?

Given that it’s Valentine’s Day and we recently launched The Knit Editions, we’ve been discussing around the office if sweaters can be sexy. Our initial answer is, of course, yes! In our book, sexiness describes a comfortable, confident woman no matter she’s wearing.

That being said, can knits, traditionally cozy and conservative, make us feel particularly sexy? It’s a question that Valentine’s Day, falling in the frigid month of February, invites us to ask ourselves. Whether we’re headed out on a date, or just getting together with girlfriends, there’s something about the day that begs to be a little saucy, despite the weather.

A lot has changed between the printed sweaters of the 80s, bulky Irish cable-knit sweaters of the 90s and the sweaters currently available. We're not talking about the skin tight cropped sweaters (let’s leave those alone). Rather, our interest is peaked by the subtlety of a well-made sweater and the confident woman wearing it.

It might be important to emphasize that the goal here is about you, the wearer of the clothes, feeling incredible in your own skin. The sexiness we're talking about is a subtle one - it sets out to impress no one but yourself. It allows you to feel powerful, in-control, and exude confidence. That is the sexiest thing of all.

A sweater can create mystery with only a bit of skin showing, at the neck or wrist, or thrown on over something delicate and airy. It creates a juxtaposition that says “I want to look cute, but I’m not about to freeze for it.”

We posed the question, "Can sweaters be sexy?" to the members of The Brass Guild (our private Facebook Group to discuss all things women, empowerment, and style). At first, we were worried we'd look a little nuts, but our community responded enthusiastically. Coziness, warmth, softness - all things that we equate with feeling good, and therefore feeling sexy. Sometimes we feel the sexiest when we’re the most comfortable, the most ourselves. Ain’t nothin' sexy about jeans that feel too tight, a top that keeps riding up or a dress you can’t bend over in.

We had a lot of fun shooting each of the new knits in a few different contexts. We know how important it is for women to ensure that their clothing is appropriate for work and will help them gain the respect and support they deserve to thrive. However, we also know that a women’s wardrobe works a lot longer than 9-5.


We were inspired by how quickly The Knits could transform from day-to-night, from boardroom-to-bar without missing a beat. This versatility highlighted another important pillar of sexiness: being low maintenance. Effortless style and a sense of ease adds to our feeling of control. We all know those mornings where your ponytail looks perfectly messy and only took one try - sexy; When the first outfit you pull on fits just right and is perfect for the day ahead - sexy. You bring that air with you wherever you go and odds are that your energy attracts others.

It's the woman herself who decides what works for her and what makes her feel good. Because what makes us feel good is sexy, by nature.

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