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Spring Wardrobe Intentions

March can be a tricky month - we’ve got one foot in Spring, the other still firmly planted in Winter. If you’re like us, you’ve started to stare at your down coat with serious disdain every morning before you leave the house. In the office, we’ve been talking a lot about what March means in the yearly cycle of a wardrobe, what it looks like to plan for a new season without actually being in it yet.

Over the last few weeks, you’ve likely been bombarded with Spring arrivals, bright colors, fun prints, short hemlines and a serious lack of sleeves -- it’s a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’. Buy the amazing floral jumpsuit, and hope you still love it by the time temps hit 75. Before you know it your closet is full of pieces you bought while dreaming about the sun coming out again. They aren’t pieces you need or even really love. Let's be honest, you were hoping you could buy your way into Spring.

While January is often given all the credit for reflecting and setting intentions, we think a wardrobe’s New Year might just be in March. We’re on the cusp of the rebirth that spring brings with it, feeling refreshed and inspired by the hope of more sun and ready to channel that energy. This month is the perfect time to sit with your wardrobe and commit to intentionally building the closet of your dreams.

How do you do that? Glad you asked. 

STEP 1: Check In With Your Goals.

Your wardrobe is meant to support your life, so you gotta have a sense of what life looks like for you right now. Different seasons of life put different demands on your closet. If you’re gunning for a big promotion or interviewing for new jobs, you’ll want pieces that make you feel confident, pulled together and like the boss you are. If your spring is full of travel, attending weddings, going on vacation, you’ll want to prioritize easy-to-pack, easy-to-care-for garments that you can re-wear and feel great in. Ask yourself, "What does my life demand of my wardrobe and how do you want your clothes to make you feel?"

STEP 2: Review Your Wardrobe (even the stuff that’s packed away).

We’re looking to do a few things with this step. 1) Identify the pieces you wear over and over - what do they have in common? Are there certain shapes, colors, lengths etc. that you find yourself gravitating towards? 2) Take note of what doesn’t work about the pieces you haven’t touched in months.  Our goal here is to learn from our closet as it is currently. Ask yourself, "What don’t I love about them and why don’t they work?" 

STEP 3: Clean Out.

We recommend The Clean Out Bag to recycle items responsibly. We urge you to get rid of the items you haven’t worn in months. They don’t need to clutter up your closet - they’re the pieces that make you feel like you have nothing to wear even though your closet looks full.  This is a good time to ditch your worn down, stretched out tees, jeans, layers and refresh a few of your favorites. Ask yourself, "What are my most-loved pieces and how are they holding up?"

STEP 4: Plan Ahead.

Now you should be feeling super refreshed, like you’re looking at a clean slate. Take the time to evaluate what’s left, the outfits you can create and where you need a bit more to support what’s upcoming for you. Make a list and get specific. For example, instead of writing “work pants” maybe you need “lightweight, high waisted, navy work pants to compliment my favorite blazer”. Make your vision for your closet crystal clear and you’ll stay on track. Feel good knowing that you are building intentionally rather than being distracted by what’s trending or what the industry says you need.

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