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Survey Says…

A couple weeks ago we asked our wonderful friends, family and supportive online groups (Marie Forleo’s B-Schoolers) to take a survey. Our goal was to learn some basic information about our ideal customer base.

We wanted to know:

  • Where does our customer live?
  • How often does our customer buy new clothing?
  • What styles of dresses does our customer prefer?
  • How much does our customer spend on clothing?

My business partner and I fit the description of our ideal customer, but that doesn’t mean we have all the answers. Thanks to 160 survey respondents we now have more information to help define and create our first line of dresses. We will use this data to make clothing that fits our customers’ budget and style.

You can view the original survey here.


A short summary of the survey results:

The average age of our respondents was 31. The majority of women live in an urban area and make between $30-60K per year. The vast majority of women purchase clothes every 1 to 3 months. On average, women spend $100 on a dress, $50 on a blouse, and $75 on a pair of pants.

We are aware that this data only applies to our small survey pool, but it helps us to focus our offerings nonetheless. Most importantly, our respondents helped us to narrow down the 5 styles of dresses we will offer.


We want our dresses to be versatile and easy to style, so we asked women to choose their top 5 favorite styles based on the ability to wear from day to night. Dress #2 and #4 are very similar, as are #3 and #5. So we decided to incorporate styles similar to #6 and #7.

(Drum roll, please!) We look forward to offering these five styles for our first line:

  • Shirt Dress
  • Sheath Dress
  • Fit and Flare Dress
  • Maxi Dress
  • Dolman Sleeve Dress

We think that with these 5 styles we will appeal to a large range of women. My partner and I could have chosen what we would like to wear, but ultimately we want to build a brand and product line that appeals to many women. 

The survey helped us to better understand:

  • How often our customer shops
  • What our customer typically pays for garments
  • Our customers’ favorite dress styles

So, thank you to all of you lovely ladies who took the time to answer our survey. We sincerely appreciate your time and opinions!

Have you ever used a survey for product development? Other than surveys, what other methods do you use to test your market? Let us know in the comments below!



PS–We will be releasing our first 5 styles this summer. You can sign-up for early access here and we’ll send you an email when product is ready!

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