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Here’s the Skinny on the Chubbie’s Business Model

I recently received an email from my significant other with this subject line: Can I wear these to your cousin’s wedding? Intrigued, I opened the email and saw this: “The Captain” Chubbies Short. It’s a classic, bro. To be fair, my cousin’s wedding is at a camp in the Berkshires, so it’s not totally out of line to wear shorts. But, these aren’t just any shorts. These areChubbies. And, yes, of course, my boyfriend can wear Chubbies to the wedding. I would never deny him the chance to show off his thighs while supporting a company that has masterfully crafted a brand that appeals to millions — literally millions — of men. There are many things to love about Chubbies. For one, they offer a shorter inseam (5.5”) than the average knee-length short. The brand itself has a laid back, far out and totally awesome attitude. They drink up life and encourage customers to do the same. They grew their Facebook following to over 500K when they offered everyone that “liked” them a free Chubbies koozie. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and this attitude clearly resonates with their customer. One of the reasons Chubbies is able to be so amazingly bro-tastic has to do with their verticalized business model.