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How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

Hello Brass followers and happy Summer!  My name is Anna Petrunich and I am the newest member to the Brass team.  As the summer intern, I am excited to share some of my experiences and fashion knowledge on this blog, starting with how to pack for a weekend getaway! Everyone deserves a relaxing weekend every once in awhile. Work can be stressful, and at times it feels like packing can be a hassle, too. I’ve put together some advice on packing and provided some outfit ideas to make packing a breeze. Hopefully this makes your weekend a little less stressful! My best piece of advice for packing is to bring a few basic garments.  Basics allow you to mix and match and create lots of looks without having to pack tons of clothes.  Small accessories are a great way to change up the look of an outfit without taking up too much space in your bag.  This “less is more” concept is what you should think about when packing: less clothes means less time wasted getting dressed for the day which ultimately means more vacation time!