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#thatsbrass | Emily Fowler: Champion for Change

Emily Fowler is becoming a leader in the innovation space. But she’s not an inventor, per se. Rather she creates incentives that motivate other people to be innovative and solve problems. Emily began her work with incentive prizes in 2010 while working at the XPRIZE Foundation. Their mission is to find answers to  the world’s worst problems by motivating people to create solutions and win a prize. She quickly learned that prizes motivate people on the psychological level. Soon after, Emily was asked by the Chairman and Founder of XPRIZE to explore the idea of creating a democratized online platform where anyone could launch a challenge. (XPRIZE launches 1-2 challenges per year with $10M – $30M prizes.) HeroX was born out of this idea, and Emily serves as the co-founder and Vice President. HeroX creates smaller, shorter competitions. This allows anyone to launch a competition and create fundamental change in many problem areas. Below, we talk to Emily about her job, the field of social innovation, and what it means to dress “capable chic”.