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The Shirt Dress: 2 Days, 3 Ways

Jay and I started Brass because we loved the designer brands that line the racks of Neiman Marcus, but couldn’t stomach the price tags.  We loved them for their quality, beautiful fabrics and perfect fit.  Our goal was to start a brand that offered the same quality you get at Neiman Marcus – but without the designer price.  

In addition to quality, there was another key element we wanted to integrate into our brand: versatility.  We wanted a line that was easy to wear.  We wanted a line that can be easily dressed up or down.  

With the Shirt Dress back in stock, I decided to put it to the test and see just how versatile this dress really is. 

Look 1:  Friday Day To Night 


Sweater  |  Boots  |  Bag

There’s nothing better than Friday.  The anticipation of the weekend waiting for you at the end of an 8 hour day is simply the best.   I love wearing the Shirt Dress to work on Fridays because, with a few quick accessory changes, it so easily becomes a perfect look for a night out.  It’s about 5 degrees in Boston right now.  Yup, 5 degrees.  So, I paired my Shirt Dress with a heavy crew neck sweater, thick tights and black moto boots.  It was the perfect way to winterize the Shirt Dress.  Pretty, professional and with a quick few changes, I was ready for the bar

Look 2: Night On The Town


Pumps |  Clutch

Never one to miss out on a happy hour cocktail, I took the liberty of making a few out changes at my desk, and was ready for a night on the town.  I swapped the boots for a pair of pumps and the tote for a clutch.  I lost the librarian bun and said adios to the office til Monday. There is something so glorious about the simplicity of the Shirt Dress.  I wasn’t sure if happy hour was going to turn into a nice dinner or a late night at the karaoke bar, but it didn’t really matter.  The Shirt Dress made me feel so comfortable, I was ready for anything.

Look 3: Saturday Casual 


Jeans | Vest | Scarf

I mentioned it’s 5 degrees in Boston, right?  Ok good.  I spent Saturday bouncing around downtown- shopping and meeting friends.  You can imagine the need to layer up.  The Shirt Dress was the perfect base to add wintry layer upon wintry layer.  I wore my dark skinny jeans with a heavy scarf and a puffy vest.  I call this look blizzard chic

The same dress with three very different looks.  Mission accomplished!  We’d love to hear how you’re wearing your Shirt Dress.  Send us your pics or tag #thatsbrass on Insta.  We’ll be looking for you!  

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