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What We’re Working On: August 2016

Scenes from the office the last two months.

Scenes from the office the last two months.

The last few months have been busy for us over at the Brass headquarters. The business has grown rapidly and we are getting ready to make some moves that will allow us to continue to grow and most importantly, improve. Two of the most integral parts of this business are 1. Order Fulfillment and 2. The Website. We have outgrown our capacity to pack and ship orders within our own office space. In the next few months, we will be transitioning to a partner that will grow and scale with us as the number of orders increases. We’re really excited to make this transition because it will allow us to put more time and energy towards the things we do best: designing and creating beautiful, purposeful clothes for you.

In addition to moving to a fulfillment partner, we will be implementing some improvements to our website. As an online business (we sell 98% of our clothing via our website), it is crucial that we have a website that is user-friendly and provides an enjoyable shopping experience. Since we can’t be there in person with you, we try to foresee and anticipate issues that customers might experience on the site. Then, we try to design the site so that you don’t encounter these issues. It is a constant process of improving and iterating. We’ve been very lucky to work with a powerhouse group of women over at JSGD, a Boston-based web design firm. Not only did they love (and own) Brass prior to us working together, they are also a passionate, fun, energetic, talented group of women who love to take on a challenge. Just like us. As a team that tends to do everything “in-house” (meaning we don’t hire a lot of outside vendors), it can be difficult to communicate the brand vision to outsiders. But when you get to work with an external team that understands the brand aesthetic, the values, the product, it can be an amazing opportunity to get another perspective. Needless to say, the JSGD ladies “get” Brass. So, naturally, we had a blast working together over the last few months. Here are a few things we are looking forward to on the new site:

  1. Better ways to shop our signature Closet Kits. Yes, there will be more Closet Kits this Fall/Winter and they will better than ever.
  2. Overall improved layout and organization of the website so you can shop easier.
  3. A badass product page that will feature inspiration for how to style the clothes, photos from customers, more measurements, more care instructions, more information!

Take a look at our interview with Jessica, founder of JSGD, from last year. And keep an eye out for our new site, coming soon!

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