#thatsbrass | Emily Fowler: Champion for Change

January 13, 2015


Emily Fowler is becoming a leader in the innovation space. But she’s not an inventor, per se. Rather she creates incentives that motivate other people to be innovative and solve problems. Emily began her work with incentive prizes in 2010 while working at the XPRIZE Foundation. Their mission is to find answers to  the world’s worst problems by motivating people to create solutions and win a prize. She quickly learned that prizes motivate people on the psychological level.

Soon after, Emily was asked by the Chairman and Founder of XPRIZE to explore the idea of creating a democratized online platform where anyone could launch a challenge. (XPRIZE launches 1-2 challenges per year with $10M – $30M prizes.) HeroX was born out of this idea, and Emily serves as the co-founder and Vice President. HeroX creates smaller, shorter competitions. This allows anyone to launch a competition and create fundamental change in many problem areas.

Below, we talk to Emily about her job, the field of social innovation, and what it means to dress “capable chic”.

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A Very Brassy Christmas

December 26, 2014

Now that we’re deep in the weeds of the holiday party stretch, we thought we’d take a second to show you how we’ve dressed for some recent festivities.  We’ve attended parties of all different levels of fanciness, and dressed up...
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#thatsbrass | Kathryn Carlson Makes Urban Cycling Convenient and Stylish

October 26, 2014

Inclement weather, avoiding car doors, and swerving around pedestrians; these are only some of the issues urban cyclists face. Trying to avoid these obstacles while also attempting to look stylish? Well, that’s the holy grail. Kathryn Carlson decided to make the lives of city bikers a little easier with her invention: The Buca Boot. Think of the Buca Boot as a bicycle version of the car trunk. Store your belongings securely in the boot on and off the bike. You no longer have to worry about toting your less-than-fashionable helmet into the bar. Bike around town, reduce carbon emissions and throw on your stilettos when you meet up with your date? Now #thatsbrass.

Kathryn tells us where she came up with the idea, what it’s like to create a product, and how she stays stylish on the saddle. 

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Brass at the Bar: First Drink is on us!

October 20, 2014

Katie and I think one of the best, and most important, parts of building a startup is getting to know our customers. And if it was physically possible, we would want to meet you all in person! We thought we’d...
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October 8th: Brass @ Mass Innovation Nights

October 08, 2014

We are looking forward to participating in Mass Innovation Night #67 tonight! Come join us for a little after-work fun. If you’ve been wanting to see the dresses in person, now’s your chance! We’ll have product on-hand and for sale....
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#thatsbrass | Plus Size Model Danika Brysha Shows us that Healthy is the New Skinny

September 16, 2014

In a world that’s image conscious and media obsessed, it’s not always easy to feel good about yourself.  Danika Brysha felt that struggle until one day a pair of talent recruiters asked her if she’d ever thought about plus size modeling.  A few years later she is living in New York City and has made health her priority.  Over the course of a year Danika has changed her life and shared her experience on Instagram and Facebook.  She’s inspired her followers to improve their own lives as well, and in the process, started her own business.  Check out her story:


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#thatsbrass | Michelle Lewis, Singer-songwriter with Sass

August 22, 2014


Folk music. These two words tend to conjure up images of coffee shops, acoustic guitars, and songs in the round. But Michelle Lewis is a far cry from these kumbayah visions. Lewis’ music tells stories of love, loss, and relationships which puts her somewhere in the folk/singer-songwriter genre, but her personal style and sense of humor makes her a rare breed. Fashionable, funny, talented, and always willing to have a cocktail (or two), Lewis is definitely the type of woman you want for a friend. Michelle answers a few questions about music and shows us how she wears the Fit and Flare below:

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Spotlight | Newburyport – A Slice of New England Heaven

August 03, 2014

For many of us in the Boston area, summer getaways typically mean a trip to Cape Cod.  While the Cape is still a summer favorite, this weekend, I (Katie) decided to shake things up a bit.  I spent the weekend with friends in Newburyport, MA, a picture perfect little town on the shore about an hour north of Boston.  


Settled in the 1600’s, Newburyport is not only beautiful, but also full of great American history.  We were lucky enough to be in town for the last weekend of Yankee Homecoming – a week-long celebration that includes nightly concerts, street performers and vendors and an all-round fun, energetic atmosphere.  

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Spotlight | Carla Fernandez Exhibit @ The Gardner Museum

July 29, 2014

As Bostonians, Katie and I are both guilty of not visiting some of our city’s most beloved tourist attractions (for her, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and for me the Sam Adams Brewery). Last week, we attempted to right one of these wrongs, and made our way over to the Gardner Museum for their Thursday Neighborhood  Night


The evening offers free admission, live music and activities for kids. It’s a great way to experience the museum, and it’s a free and fun excuse to get out of the house on a weeknight.

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Mid Summer Progress Report

July 19, 2014

We know the dresses we’ve been showing you on facebook and instagram have been a tease.   Many of our friends and family have asked when they can finally get their hands on a Brass dress.  Well, the short answer is soon – hopefully by September.   But, there are a few things we need to take care of between now and then in order to get ready for launch.  Here’s a quick look at what’ll be happening at Brass over the next 8 weeks. 

Finalize Salesman Samples

We are on round 2 of samples with our factory.  We thrilled to see the quality of our first round of samples: the fit samples.  Fit samples are made to ensure the clothing is the correct size, shape and style. We’re now waiting for our salesman samples to arrive.  The salesman samples should be as close to the finished product as possible.  They are meant to come in the correct size, fabric and color.  They are the final step before placing our order with the factory.


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Weekend Style | July 4th

July 10, 2014

Long, holiday weekends call for quick getaway trips. This past 4th of July weekend we had fun celebrating in Boston, on the Cape, and in Portsmouth, NH. As we round the bend to Friday, we’re #tbt-ing and looking back on...
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Style Points: Looking Beachy in the City

July 03, 2014

Who doesn’t want to spend their weekdays on the beach? No one. That’s who. Unfortunately, some one has to bring home the bacon. Alas, the majority of us are left to pinning photos of the beach while we sit in...
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