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BRASS TALKS: VOL. 2 | Tracy Meserve

BRASS TALKS is a Brass-curated, community-led series of lectures, interviews, readings, and more! 

Brass Talks: Volume 2 will explore the supporting role undergarments have played in fashion and the lives of women for centuries. Tracy Meserve, who is getting her masters in decorative art and design history and a librarian at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC, will guide an “intimate” discussion on how wardrobe foundations are a sign of the times. Here's a little bit more about our host, Tracy: 


1. A little bit about yourself! 
I am originally from a small town in Connecticut but moved to DC to go to college 14 years ago and have lived here ever since. I live with my husband Jack and two rescue dogs named Lulu and Yoda. I am currently getting a degree in decorative art and design history--I love old things and during pre-covid times I regularly visited thrift and vintage stores and estate sales looking for treasures. My friend and I have recently taken up tennis during quarantine, and while I am very bad, it is a fun socially distanced way to get out of the house!
2. How did you find Brass? 
I am pretty sure I googled something along the lines of "best Ponte Pants" and Brass came up! And I can confirm--they do make the best Ponte Pants. 
3. What do you do for work? 
I am the librarian at The Textile Museum in Washington, DC, which is located on the George Washington University campus. 
4. How has work changed for you since the pandemic started? 
 I work from home most days and go into the library once or twice a week to work on the collection and make scans for students and textile scholars since the museum is currently closed to the public. There are a lot of zoom calls these days. 
5. Favorite part of your job? 
Exploring the library collection--it is the largest library devoted to textiles in North America so there is a little bit of everything and I am constantly learning something new. I get a lot of interesting reference questions that allow me to feel like I get to travel the world through my job.
6. What advice would you give your 2020 self?
Stop reading the news so much and move to a place with a backyard. 
7. Most loved and worn piece of clothing! 
My most loved piece is an olive green light parka from the Gap that I have worn hundreds of times. It has a lot of pockets, a hood, and is perfect for DC's "fake spring" weather that we are currently in. It has accompanied me on many travels!