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End of Year Letter

To Our Community, 


Let's Get Grounded

As it was for many small businesses this year, we weren’t always sure we’d make it to the end of 2020. While the purpose of this letter isn’t to dwell on the hardships of the year (we’re pretty sure you remember them well 😉), it is important to recognize that hard times shed light on what’s most important. When questions like “Can we fix this?”, “Can we keep the doors open?”, “Do we want to keep the doors open?” arose, we recentered on two things: 1) our team and 2) our community. 

Our small team has proven quite mighty over the past twelve months. We’re committed to the work we do at Brass because we believe in serving women. Doing so has been our guiding light since day one. It gives us purpose each day and is the principle we return to when the inevitable challenges of building a business arise. 

Our community has become our Northstar. The two projects we loved working on most this year, The Brass Exchange and The Hub, were inspired by the everyday comments, discussions and interactions taking place in our Facebook group, The Brass Guild. The Exchange is a streamlined and simplified platform for our second-hand marketplace, and was directly inspired by the Guild’s beloved Buy/Sell/Trade threads. The Hub is our new home for all of the incredible tips, tricks and product recommendations our community members share daily. We loved bringing these projects to life and hope you’ll check them out. And with your invaluable feedback we are continuing to improve and refine them each day.


A Look Ahead

In 2021 we are doubling down on our promise to keep community at the center of everything we do. Internal brainstorms, focus groups and Guild deep dives inspired two new initiatives: Real Models (new and improved!) and Brass Talks.

Real Models | There is nothing better than seeing our customers post photos in their Brass pieces. And we know nothing makes shopping easier than seeing clothes on real women. Featuring different body types and heights, as well as ways to style product, makes shopping online a lot less stressful. We’re revamping our Real Models program to do just that. If you’d like to sign up to be a Real Model or to photograph Real Models, please do so here

Brass Talks | One thing we missed most this year were “Brass in the Wild” photos. We’re so proud of the fact that you choose Brass for big moments when you want to feel your best—like graduating from a PhD program or giving a Senate testimony. Internally, we call them “Moments of Confidence.” Your inspiring professional pursuits and personal passions created the framework for a new program called Brass Talks. Brass Talks will be an opportunity for our community members to come together, learn, and discuss. We’d like to hear from you in order to make this program the best it can be. Learn a little more and tell us how you’d like to participate here


New Products in January! 

We know how much you love our planners and will continue to make them for you! Leaving the many production uncertainties of 2020 behind us, we are committed to making planners you can better depend on going forward. Here’s a look at what you can expect in early 2021.


Let’s Keep Building! 

2020 reinforced the fact that as we build this company for you, we are also building this company with you. We always want to hear your feedback, product ideas and community programming suggestions. Our virtual suggestion box is open 24/7, and we encourage you to use it! We eager to know what’s on your mind. 

Thank you for being a part of Brass—for your commitment and enthusiasm. We are grateful for you and will be harnessing your energy in 2021.

With Love,

Katie and Jenny