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Getting To Know: Katie Muirhead, Our Newest Model

You know how much we love to highlight our clothes on inspiring women, so when it came time to select a model for our Spring Foundations launch, we were excited to start working with a new agency, Muse out of NYC.

As we've shared in the past, we want our models to be interesting, hard-working women in addition to being stone cold stunners ;) Katie was a great fit for us and a pleasure to work with - she is a size 8/10, created a hilarious podcast called The Chatty Kathys with her fellow model roommates, and is working hard to show brands that turning a blind eye to "plus size" is a thing of the past. 


How did you get into modeling?
When I was 17 I was scouted (by another model actually) in Australia for a curve agency. I didn't take it too seriously so left it for a while, but a few years later after traveling and starting university, I decided to give it a shot. I ended up going to work in London and Germany and have modeled full-time since then!


In what ways have you witnessed beauty standards changing in the modeling industry?
I have been modeling for about 5 years, and even in that short time, I have seen the industry change. The diversity of model boards has greatly improved, as well as the opportunities available. I feel like both the industry and consumers are catching on to the power and importance of relatability.


Tell us about a few things that are important to you outside of modeling.
I love the outdoors and being active - I live in New York so I love to cycle or walk everywhere. I also love cooking and my new obsession has been making everything in my pantry from scratch - it's often not very practical but it's fun!

Describe your approach to personal style. What is your relationship with your closet like?
I was recently home in Australia and when looking through old clothes at my family home I realized that I have had the same taste since I was a teenager. For the most part, I really do love building a capsule wardrobe with high-quality basics that I feel like myself in. I normally wear monochrome basics but will go a bit more wild with the shoes and coat!

When do you feel your best (most confident, most strong, most beautiful)?
Normally when I'm in Australia- when you're at the beach it's impossible to not feel powerful! Also when I'm with my best friends or family. 

Were there any Brass pieces you tried and loved at the shoot?
The T-Shirt Dress was super cute and definitely a summer staple! As well as The Ponte Pants - so so comfortable (I refuse to wear something that's cute but is a pain!).