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BRASS TALKS: VOL. 1 | Elly Vandegrift

BRASS TALKS is a Brass-curated, community-led series of lectures, interviews, readings, and more! 

VOL. 1 will be a ZOOM discussion led by Elly Vandegrift on leadership and its impact on our personal style, sense of self and how we engage with others. Here's a little Q&A to get to know Elly a little bit better:


1. A little bit about yourself! 
I live in Eugene, Oregon with my family. My husband and I have two children (4th and 7th graders). We try to spend time outside enjoying the beauty of our region.
2. How did you find Brass? 
My daughter used to wear a lot of Princess Awesome dresses, and in fall 2019 the owners shared some of their favorite other women-owned small businesses including Brass.  I was looking for professional capsule travel clothes and Brass was the perfect mix of everything I wanted.
3. What do you do for work?
3. What do you do for work? 
I am trained as a biologist and have taught college biology. I currently lead a global science education program for the University of Oregon where I work with global university partners to facilitate faculty professional development and science curriculum reform.  I work with great people and really love my work. 
4. What advice would you have given your 2020 self? 
This year will be a marathon not a sprint.  Recognize when you need breaks and take them.  (My 2021 self could use the same advice.)
5. What's the best way to navigate leadership in a WFH space/setting? 
I think it's important to focus on maintaining and building community in our organizations so we can continue to see everyone in those little video boxes as real people.  We need to show each other patience and empathy. Working from home with my children, who are also going to school from our home, has reminded me daily of how much we bring our whole lives to work in a way that is different than when work, home, and school were separated physically.
6. Favorite recipe at the moment.
My favorite recipe this winter is homemade chicken noodle soup when we take the time to make the soup stock and egg noodles with my Mom's recipe and add in lots of extra veggies.  It's warm and satisfying.
7. Most loved and worn piece of clothing! 
This winter I am loving an Everyday Sweater in Mauve that I found on the Exchange.  I wear it nearly everyday!