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When we started Brass in 2014, we were frustrated with our wardrobes. Years of shopping sales and fast fashion left us with closets full of crap. We knew we needed better options, and we set out to provide women with higher quality clothing with a more reasonable price tag. We didn’t know it at the time, but we’d spend the next few years talking to women about their wardrobes and the impact they have on our lives.

Through these conversations, we realized women everywhere share many of the same wardrobe issues:

  • Closets filled with tons of random one-off pieces, purchased on impulse from a sale, or emotional shopping, or feeling the need to be “on trend”.
  • Stress getting dressed in the morning, leading us to spend time and energy on figuring out what to wear, and still not feeling great when we walk out the door.
  • Feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and frustration about what is or is not appropriate to wear to work.

These are collective problems women face every single morning and these are the problems we aim to solve. Why? Because our appearance affects our level of confidence. And our confidence affects how we show up in this world. If we can help women worry less about appearance through building a wardrobe they love, we’ll all have more time and energy for things that really matter.



We think long and hard (so you don’t have to) about the foundational pieces every woman needs in her closet. Then, we design the best version of these pieces with attention to fit, fabric, and feminine design. We design all of our clothing according to these 5 principles:

  • Beauty. Is the garment beautiful? Is it sophisticated and chic?
  • Quality. Is the garment well-constructed? Does it fit? Is the fabric substantial and will it hold up over multiple washes and wears?
  • Versatility. Can the garment be worn to work and on the weekends? Can it be dressed up and down? Can you wear it through multiple seasons?
  • Ease. Is the garment easy to care for? Is it wrinkle resistant? Does it travel well?
  • Purpose. Does the garment serve a purpose in my life? Is it timeless and will it continue to serve a purpose?




Jay Adams and Katie Demo launched Brass in September 2014 with a small run of 5 dress styles. We were at a point in our lives where we could no longer stomach fast-fashion. Our careers had progressed to a point where we needed to look more professional and more put-together. We were also becoming increasingly aware of the toll that disposable fashion takes on our planet and people’s lives. We couldn’t afford the $300-400 designer labels you see at Neiman-Marcus, nor did we want to spend that type of money on clothes.

We knew we couldn’t be the only women who felt frustrated by the fashion and apparel industry. So, we set out to create a new option. Jay's experience working with expert apparel manufacturers and Katie’s background in online fashion retail made us the perfect pair to tackle the challenge. The fact that we're best friends and have known each other since freshman year of high school sealed the deal.

While we started Brass to satisfy our own needs, it’s our community of smart, strong, passionate women who keep up going. Join us over on Instagram or sign-up to be a part of our Real Model database. Our customers are helping us build this business every day and we can't wait to meet you!