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Because a good pair of jeans never goes out of style. According to The Guild, these are some fan favorite pieces of denim for all shapes, sizes and price points.


Athleta makes jeans (I know, we were shocked too). Their signature “Sculptek” denim is a superstar material, offering the perfect amount of stretch and recovery for great fit that lasts.


Price Point: $70 - $100


Universal Standard

Universal Standard’s motto is “all of us, as we are” -- and they mean it. Their sizing ranges from 00 to 40 and their Fit Liberty guarantee allows shoppers to purchase a garment and exchange it for a different size within a year of purchase.


Price point: $80 - $100



Decade is hyper focused on fit and quality. Their Ratio-Fit guide is key to finding your perfect fit. 100% cotton jeans have never been so comfortable from day one.


Price point: $200 - $300



ABLE is a mission-driven denim company that ensures all employees make a living wage and empowers women in developing countries. Approximately 75% of their workforce are women and they have 5 factories in Ethiopia. Great jeans and a vision we're proud to support? Count us in.


Price Point: $100 - $150



Vigoss has the mission to deliver great fitting, ethically-made, high-quality denim at a comfortable price. Vigoss has been around for almost twenty years and continues to make 100% US cotton denim.


Price Point: $50 - $100


Good American

Arguably the best thing to come out of the Kardashians empire is Good American. They have cuts for every shape, size and style preference. Their "Always Fits" collection claims one-size-fits-four, so as your body changes (whose doesn't?) your jeans don't have to.


Price Point: $75 - $150



Everlane knows good jeans. They're right at the intersection of rigid and cozy, with enough give to fit you like a glove but last a long time.


Price Point: $75 - $120



Known for their flirty, girl-next-door dresses, Reformation also makes a pair of hardworking jeans. They've got all the on-trend silhouettes and many of their styles use organic cotton and the sustainable fiber lyocell that's gaining traction in the world of eco-friendly textiles.


Price Point: $100 - $200


    1. Disclaimer: These brand recommendations are 100% sourced by our community, The Guild, and do not constitute endorsement or recommendation by Brass. We encourage everyone to research these brands and their practices prior to making a purchase from them.