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Tried and true shoe brands our customers love.



These sleek and comfortable shoes are super sophisticated and will take you well beyond the workplace. Go no further than Nisolo for easy day-to-night styling and weekend-ready options. "Ethically made. Fairly Priced". Sign us up!


Price Point: $100 - $250



Penner's mission is to create a really comfortable and beautiful flat. The founder was determined to creating a fashionable solution for his wife's blister-prone feet, but he didn't stop there. Breathable materials and tons of ergonomic research went into one signature design.


Price Point: $150 - $200



Who knew?! Clarks has a huge array of low-key, unpretentious yet stylish footwear. Plus they have that trusted support and comfort customers have depended on for decades.


Price Point: $50 - $250



The coolest thing about Tieks is that they can be your go-to flat, your commuter flat and your "I've been dancing all night" flat. Available in many different colorways they are sure to match any outfit and easily fold into a cute little pouch. It's like insurance for your feet.


Price Point: Under $150 - $200



We're all about upcycling your clothes, but how about your waterbottles? Rothy's has used over 68 million water bottles in the production of their shoes...and they're machine washable.


Price Point: $125



Vionics is known for having extraordinary arch support -- a must-have if you're on your feet all day but still need polished footwear to go with your Pontes.


Price Point: $60 - $200



Remember when Allbirds was just the super-cute woolen sneakers from Australia? Well, now they're in the flat game, and they're killing it! Made with renewable materials these flats are machine washable and silky smooth.


Price Point: Under $100



    1. Disclaimer: These brand recommendations are 100% sourced by our community, The Guild, and do not constitute endorsement or recommendation by Brass. We encourage everyone to research these brands and their practices prior to making a purchase from them.