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Closet Talk, No 1. / Jay Adams, co-founder of Brass

Appearance is hugely impactful on our overall psyche and I don't think it's superficial at all.

Jay discusses the evolution of her closet organization, talks about how she dresses for important meetings and shares some of her most loved pieces. She mentions these pants, this blouse, and this dress. Some of her favorite shoes are from Rebecca Minkoff (fun & bold), Sol Sana (another woman-owned brand), and Nisolo (ethical & every day).


Closet Talk, No 2. / Katie Demo, co-founder of Brass

I wanted to make an impact at the company I was working at. I wanted to look the part. I wanted to look how I felt inside. That was so important to me.

Katie talks about how her closet has evolved over time and the changes she made to her wardrobe as she advanced in her career. She also discusses how she gets ready in the morning and reserves that time for a quiet, solo moment before jumping into the day. See how she organizes her clothing and makes her closet feel like more than just a closet.