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Dear Brass Community,

We come to you today with some sad news about Brass. It’s with very heavy hearts that we announce the closure of our beloved company. We understand that this may feel sudden and shocking to many of you. Please know that it was ultimately a business decision, one reflective of the unpredictable journey companies experience. 

Leading Brass has been one of the most fulfilling and formative experiences of our careers and we want to express our deepest gratitude to every one of you who has been a part of the journey. Your support, enthusiasm, and passion for the brand were the driving force behind our success, and the community we built together is the true heart of Brass.

Before we say goodbye, we want you to know that we are launching our last collection on February 1st. Designing this collection was a labor of love and some of the most beautiful, thoughtful product we've ever created. It embodies the spirit of Brass that you've come to love: elegant, hard-working staples with a quiet, strong confidence that mirrors you, the women who inspire us.

While the business may be closing its doors, the heart of Brass will continue to beat through our incredible community. The Guild, our cherished Facebook group, will remain open. This space has been a source of connection, inspiration, and empowerment for thousands of women over these past 8 years. We encourage you to continue supporting and uplifting each other within The Guild, fostering the camaraderie that makes our community so special. 

Brass team members will be reachable over email and in The Guild until March 29th. We’re sure you have logistical questions, so we’ve created this FAQ page with details about our closure.  

To each of you who have been a part of Brass, thank you for being a vital part of our journey. Your stories, your style, and your spirit have made Brass what it is today, and we are forever grateful. If you have thoughts to share or would like to say goodbye, please email us Our entire team has access to this inbox and looks forward to hearing from you. 

As we embark on this final chapter, let’s celebrate the memories, friendships, and beautiful clothing that brought us together. Brass may be closing, but we know its impact will live on. 

With heartfelt love and gratitude,

Katie & Jenny