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Can I layer other long sleeves under this?

Yes! While the arms may be snug at first they will relax and loosen slightly allowing this style to layer nicely in all seasons. We particularly love a layering turtleneck or button-down underneath. 

How do I care for this?

The Crossover Cardigan is easily machine washable! As with all knits, you want to be aware of other items in your washing machine that could cause pulls or snags (zippers, buttons, even the agitator in your machine itself!) so we love a good sweater or delicates bag for an added layer of protection.

How do I make that cowl neck situation happen?

It can be tricky until you get the hang of it! There's no wrong way, but we've made a video of our tips and tricks for you just in case you need a starting place. 

 These snaps are strong! Am I going to hurt my sweater?

We put some strong snaps on the Crossover Cardigan so you don’t have to adjust all day long. To undo the snaps without hurting your cardigan, we recommend sliding your fingernail (or a paperclip or a credit card if you’ve got a fresh mani) into the space between the snaps and applying pressure. Holding the snap and pulling will cause some stretching near the snaps which won’t look very nice after a while.