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Perfect Fit Pant Guide


We believe that pants are the foundation of every outfit.

A great pant elevates everything you pair with it — from a simple white T to a classic cardigan. Perfect fit and thoughtful details give us that boost of confidence we’re looking for each day. And that’s why we created this guide, so you can get to the right fit no matter what you’re looking for.

The Brass Team



Think about the holes in
your wardrobe. Identify what attributes,
fit and formality you need.


Explore our styles by silhouette,
fabric or length by clicking
into each section below.


If you have any questions,
email us anytime at
We’re real women standing by to help!

Our Silhouettes

Shop by shape – we've got everthing from classic tailoring to sleek and sporty designs perfect for the modern workplace.

Our Fabrics

Shop by fabric – from high powered stretch to wrinkle-releasing twills all chosen with your comfort top of mind.

Our Lengths

Shop by length – from extra long to cropped styles, you'll find something to suit your inseam needs with our wide-ranging hemlines

Our Perfect Fit Promise

We try our best to make our product fit expertly off the rack, but perfect fit is never easy. Thankfully, a few simple alterations can make your clothes fit to a T.

If you take any Brass purchase to be altered, we will provide you with $15 merchandise credit. Simply email us a copy of the reciept, and we'll email you $15 in merchandise credit in form of a digital gift card per item altered. The credit does not expire and can be used towards any future purchase.