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How To: Intentionally Shop

Let's be honest- we probably haven't touched half our wardrobes in the last two years. Our day to days have changed- making us reconsider our shopping habits. Here are some tips and tricks from our community on how to start or stay on track with more mindful and intentional shopping.



This app allows you to upload images of the pieces you already own to get a full scope of your wardrobe. You can then categorize the items and put together outfit combinations within the app. Here are some helpful first-hand tips from our Guildies:


"I took the time to upload all my clothing items and then make “looks”. So when I’m considering buying a new item (I only buy Brass at this point) I add the image to my app and then see how many looks I can make with it. When I can use the piece in 5+ outfits, I’m more apt to buy it because I know it’ll be used a lot. When I can’t use it in many combinations, I pass. It has helped me be way more disciplined about new purchases!" - AUDRA M.


"It’s tedious to start but helps me see the items I wear most (I track daily) vs my “fantasy life” clothes that mostly sit untouched. I’m navigating a career change and am now working from home and slowly letting my formal items go." - MAGGIE S.


The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

Berlin-based style blogger Anuschka Rees will change your attitude and approach to clothes and shopping with her new minimal method. She rejects the clichéd fashion rules and instead encourages you to look in your wardrobe and at your life, as well as in the mirror. Using interactive prompts, infographic-style questionnaires and helpful check lists, all beautifully illustrated with photography and mood boards, create you own individual style guidelines that truly speak to you.

A must-have guide that will help you discover and develop a strong sense of personal style.


  1. Can I envision 3 things I already own that would pair nicely with the item I’m considering purchasing.
  1. Does it fit my closet (meaning I have things I can wear with it already in my closet)?
  1. How does it feel on? (I.e do the seams irritate me, can I fully move my arms, etc..)
  1. Does it fit my body well?
  1. Does it fit my lifestyle?
  1. Does it fit my budget?