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How To Style A Navy Top

Most of us have heard at some point in our lives that Black and Navy clash and should never be worn together. First of all, we respectfully disagree (it can be very chic). Second of all, a textured Navy top is a great alternative to a basic black/white tee for when you just need to elevate your outfit.


Here’s how our team styles the new Short Sleeve Scallop Raglan in Midnight.

  1. Katie

    Size S

Katie pairs her Short Sleeve Scallop Raglan with a black leather mini skirt to create an outfit with different textures! Since the top features an open knit she’s popped some opaque tights and thigh-high boots to create some balance in the outfit! Perfect for a Spring date night!

  2. Jenny

    Size XS

A drapey wrap skirt can complete any outfit and pass the chic-test. Jenny wears a white wrap skirt with the Short Sleeve Scallop Raglan in Midnight tucked in and a pair of of glittery platform sneakers. Equal parts comfy and put-together!


  2. Liza

    Size S

Liza typically wears a plain black or white tee with her favorite pair of wide-leg trousers. The raglan was a fun way to spice up the outfit and tie in the navy from the plaid. This is an easy way to dip your toe into mixing patterns without looking like an optical illusion!

  4. Lexie

    Size XS

You literally can’t go wrong with navy and white, it’s a classic combination. Lexie has paired the Short Sleeve Scallop Raglan with a wide-leg denim and white boots. A fool-proof look that is sure to make you look put together AF.