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How We're Changing the Industry.

We founded Brass with ethical manufacturing, inclusivity & sustainability at the core of our business model.

We've built a solid foundation on these principles, but there is always room for improvement.

Learn about our current efforts and our plans for the future below.


Current: We manufacture with two factories. Our cut and sew factory, where 85% of our products are made, is located in Hangzhou. Our knit factory is located in Shanghai. Both facilities are located in two of the highest minimum wage zones in all of China and our partners supply a living wage to their employees. We visit and monitor the conditions of our factories 2-3 times per year. They do not participate in child labor, forced labor, and safe working conditions are paramount. We choose to manufacture in China not because of low wages (the cost of labor has actually increased by 60% over the last 7 years), but because the two factories we work with are experts at what they do and are committed to producing high-quality garments.

Future: This year, we are working on controlling more of our supply chain. We are working directly with our mills and as we grow, we will ensure that all of our suppliers are meeting all local labor laws. We will also be developing our own internal Vendor Accountability Guidelines that we will use in evaluating new partners.


Current: Beauty standards are changing and we are starting to see the effects of that in the fashion industry. One initiative that we are most proud of is our Real Models, where we invite our customers to participate in photo shoots so they can have the empowering experience of being in front of the camera and so that we are able to show women how our clothes fit on multiple sizes. We are also proactively using professional models of varying sizes and ethnicities. Most recently worked with Katie Muirhead, a size 8/10, a size which is surprisingly difficult to find within the modleing industry.

Future: We know we can do an even better job of showcasing a diversity of beauty - in size, shape, race, and ethinicty. We have this in mind for all future campaigns. We are committed to doing more Real Model photo shoots and providing this incredible experience to more of our customers. Most importantly, we are prioritizing plus size for our future production and strive to start adding 16+ sizing this year.


Current: Our largest sustainable effort is in helping women shift their perspective on shopping. We believe the most sustainable thing you can do is wear your clothes often and wash them less. Our clothing is designed with this in mind and we utilize quality fabrics that can be worn with high-frequency and can be washed at home. Our assortment and our silhouettes help women cultivate a sophisticated style that outlasts trends so they don't feel the pressure to buy 'what's hot'. We also have our Clean Out Bag initiative that helps women shift the way they shop and get rid of old clothing that no longer serves them by sending directly to a recycling facility.

Future: We are working hard on using more sustainable fibers without sacrificing performance. Many of the more "sustainable" fibers lack the performance capabilities our customer desires (linen and Tencel wrinkle, silk needs to be washed frequently). Therefore, we are being very deliberate with the fibers we use and look forward to incorporating more recycled poly, Tencel, modal and viscose combined with spandex to maintain fabric integrity. We are also exploring ways to improve our packaging, use less of it, and more recycled products.