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Textile, Garment and Footwear Recycling


There are a million ways to clean out your closet and home, all of which leave you with a pile of old clothes, shoes and linens that none of us know what to do with. While Goodwill and Dress for Success are always good options, there’s still the question of what to do with ripped clothes, shoes past their prime and ratty old towels.


We’re here to help. After a bit of triage on your part, using the below resources will leave you feeling decluttered and a little more at peace with your environmental impact.


Resources for your recycling journey.


 Clothes & Shoes

Brass Clean Out Bag - We’ve revamped our own program! Check it out.  

Terracycle - For the price of a box (they have 3 different sizes) you can send in almost anything made from textiles, fabric or cloth. Just make sure it’s free of electric wiring or heating elements! Use this link for fabrics, and this one for shoes.

Respun - Marine Layers recycling program for any (non-spandex) T-Shirts. Just be sure to check the care label for the fabric content before sending in!



Knickey - Send them your old undies (Knickey or not) and you’ll get a free pair of their 100% organic cotton undies with your next order. The US-based non-profit they partner with sorts, breaks down and upcycles your old intimates into things like carpets and rug pads.

Free The Girls - Bag up your old bras and head to any of their drop-off locations across the US. This non-profit’s mission is to help female victims of sex-trafficking reintegrate with society and lead vibrant, safe, financially secure lives.



BlueJeansGoGreen - The backbone of many brand’s denim recycling programs, BlueJeansGoGreen partners with a bunch of brands we know and love (think Madewell and Levi’s). Check out their list of participating brands and navigate straight to their respective sites to start recycling.