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Clean Out Bag FAQs

When will my Clean Out Bag ship to me?

The Clean Out Bags will ship 3-4 business days after your order is placed. It will ship separately from any orders placed with clothing items. You'll receive a USPS tracking number as soon as it ships.

How much clothing fits in The Clean Out Bag?

You will be able to fit about 5 lbs worth of clothing into The Clean Out Bag.

What's the price tag and why isn't the bag bigger?

We charge $25 per clean out bag, which we know sounds steep. It is surprisingly expensive to ship unwanted clothing across the country ;). It costs us an average of $15 to ship a 5 lb Clean Out Bags to our recycling center. If you would like to send more than 5lbs of clothing to our facility, please feel free to purchase multiple bags!

What happens to my unwanted clothing?

Your old clothing will be shipped to a textile recycler in North Carolina. This recycler is committed to keeping 99% of clothing out of landfills. Garments are either restored and resold or recycled into rags, insulation, rug backing, and other down-cycle uses.  

How is this better than giving clothing to Goodwill or Salvation Army?

When you are donating clothing to a local thrift store, only 10-20% of these clothes are kept for resale. The remaining 80-90% should be sent to textile recyclers, but often donated items are tossed into dumpsters and end up in landfills. There is simply not enough storage space or time to process all of the donations responsibly.

Does the Clean Out Bag work in Canada?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send clothing from Canada to our partners in North Carolina. We are currently looking for resources for our Canadian friends!


+7,500 lbs
of clothing have been recycled with The Clean Out Bag.