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How does this sweater fit?
The Cocoon Coat is an oversized piece of almost-outerwear, made for layering and flexible styling. It's not a precise fit, which is why we narrowed the sizing down to three basic sizes, and we've found that many women could wear 2-3 of those sizes depending on how they want it to fit! For example, almost all of our extended size customers can wear the XL/1X size and several plan to purchase the M/L if they like it to sit more open on their body. In your true size the Cocoon Coat will be oversized to allow room for plenty of layering underneath, and flexibility to wrap and belt it, or create a lapel if you'd like. The sleeves are not intended to be full length, and look great when cuffed if you prefer. 
How do I care for this?
We recommend washing the Cocoon Coat inside out on cold water with a wool safe/gentle detergent, like colors and textures, and only as truly needed (i.e. not after every wear). You can lay flat to dry and, if needed, place in the dryer to expedite the dry time. 
This sweater does contain wool, and by its very nature wool rubs up against itself and causes pilling. If you notice pills beginning to form, please use a sweater stone, sweater shaver, or sweater razor to remove them quickly and prevent further pilling.