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So, what is the Brass Company Card?

The Company Card is our way of giving our most loyal customers an exclusive discount off their upcoming purchases. 100 Company Cards are available for sale from 12/12/19 to 12/15/19.

What are my options?

You can purchase any of the following options:

$300 credit for $250 (17% discount)

$500 credit for $400 (20% discount)

$1000 credit for $750 (25% discount)

When will I receive my Company Card?

The Company Card is a digital product sent via email. You will be able to start using the card as soon as you receive it your unique code. All Company Card codes will be sent by 12/16.

How do I use my Company Card at checkout?

To add your Company Card code to your order, all you have to do is simply enter the code in the “Discount/Gift Card” box at checkout. Once you enter you enter your code, your total will reflect your order’s new amount.

What happens if I need to return and item I bought with the Company Card?

No worries! We want to make sure you find pieces you love, so if you need to make a return for another piece just shoot us an email at We’ll make sure that you receive your return credit asap and will issue your credit right back onto your original card so that you’re not charged our $7 return fee.

Does my Company Card expire?

Your Company Card will not expire and can be used towards any future Brass purchase :)

Can I apply my member code with my Company Card?

Yes! Since your Company Card is technically a gift card, you can use it alongside your member code in order to receive free shipping. If you have any issues, just shoot us an email at  

Can I return the company card if I’m not satisfied?

Unfortunately, all Company Card purchases are final and cannot be refunded. Having trouble with sizing or finding pieces you love? Shoot us an email at and we’re more than happy to help!