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How does this sweater fit?
The Statement Sweater is intentionally oversized. When purchasing your true Brass size (or sizing according to the size chart) you'll get a cozy oversized look. If you'd prefer the body to be more fitted, size down one. The arms will always be flowy and long with the band at the bottom to hold them in place. The sweater was designed to cover the top of a mid-rise jean so it's not cropped but not the longest sweater you own. The shoulder is only slightly dropped so you get the flexibility of movement but still can see your waistline in a flattering way. 
How do I care for this?
The Statement Sweater is a cotton/cashmere blend. We recommend machine washing it inside out in a sweater bag in cold water with like colors and no items with hardware that could catch on it and snag. To make drying easier, more efficient, and to prevent the sweater getting stretched or misshapen, we recommend tumble drying it on low or no heat until it's about halfway dry (usually half a dryer cycle). Then you can remove the sweater and lay it flat to dry. We do not recommend hanging it on a hanger or over a drying rack if you can help it as that will stretch it in odd ways.  
As this sweater is 100% natural fibers, it may shed on the first wear. We advise you to be mindful of other colors you might wear with it that first time to minimize any impact this shedding may have (i.e. not wearing the flame color with white least not that first time!).