The Clean Out Bag

$ 10.00

The Clean Out Bag is the easiest way to pare down your closet and get rid of unwanted clothing. The pre-paid poly mailer sends old clothes directly to our recycling partner and diverts textiles from landfills.

Every Clean Out Bag comes with $10 in Brass credit. Pare down & rebuild with pieces you love! Code is listed on the info card that comes with your bag.

Please Note: If you place an order that contains both clothing and a Clean Out Bag, your bag will be shipped separately.

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The Clean Out Bag

Get rid of old clothes responsibly.


    We all have clothes that no longer serve us. Before you can build a wardrobe you love, you have to let go of the old. It's time to part with pieces you don't wear on the reg and make room for the new.


    Put unwanted clothes in The Clean Out Bag and send it to our recycling partner, Green Zone. All clothing will be diverted from landfills and will be upcycled or recycled.


    From January 1st - 5th, every Clean Out Bag will come with a random gift card, ranging from $10 to $500. Start purchasing with purpose and rebuild with pieces you love!


Let's break it down.

What happens to my unwanted clothing?

Your old clothing will be shipped to a textile recycler in North Carolina. This recycler is committed to keeping 100% of clothing out of landfills. Garments are either restored and resold or recycled into fibers for reuse in new products.  

How much clothing fits in The Clean Out Bag?

You will be able to fit about 5lbs worth of clothing into The Clean Out Bag.  

When will my Clean Out Bag ship to me?

Clean Out Bags ship within 48 hours and will ship separately from any orders placed with clothing items. You'll receive a USPS tracking number as soon as it ships.

What's the deal with the $10 in credit?

We want to help you clear out the old clothes that no longer serve you and help you rebuild a wardrobe you love. Each Clean Out Bag comes with $10 in Brass credit that you can put towards any future purchase. It does not expire. The code is listed on the info card included in your Clean Out Bag envelope.