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Real Models Are Back


Every Real Model photo shoot teaches us something new. And it’s not just about the fun, interesting women who participate. The photo shoots also give us a fresh perspective on our clothing. Our Real Models come with their own accessories, styles, and attitudes. Whether it’s a leather jacket, gladiator sandal or simple gold necklace, each look brings the clothing to life in a different way. We’re excited to share some of our favorite looks from our third Real Model shoot. Thanks, as always, to our lovely group of Real Models for participating. You rocked it!

The Pencil Skirt

Real Models Laya and Corinna showed us the Pencil Skirt is so much more than a work wardrobe staple. Laya paired it with our relaxed Chambray Shirt, giving the skirt a chic weekend feel. Corinna paired the Pencil Skirt with the Slim Turtleneck (coming soon) in black for a sleek, cocktail look.


Laya is 5’7” and wears a small in the Pencil Skirt and a small in the Chambray Shirt.

Corinna is 5’7.5″ and wears a medium in the Pencil Skirt and a small in the Slim Turtleneck.

The Sweater Dress

Now that we are deep into the fall season, the Sweater Dress is on full closet rotation. Our models rocked this dress – pairing it with heels, long necklaces, and a personal favorite, the cowboy boots!


Laya is 5’7” and wears a small in the Sweater Dress.


Lauren is 5’9” and wears a large in the Sweater Dress.


Hilana is 5’5” and wears a small in the Sweater Dress.


Corinna is 5’7″.5 and wears a medium in the Sweater Dress.

The A-Line

The A-Line is a dress that doesn’t need much. Our Real Models took the “less is more” approach. While Corinna paired the white A-Line with the Ponte Pants and knee-high black suede boots (fall perfection if you ask us), other ladies let the dress speak for itself. We love it every way.


Corinna is 5’7.5” and wears a medium in the A-Line.


Emily is 5’4’ and wears an XXS in the A-Line.


Amy is 5’4” and wears an XS in the A-Line.

The Fit and Flare

The Fit and Flare is one of our most classic pieces. While the A-Line is perfect for all seasons, the Fit and Flare is perfect for all occasions. Amy strapped on pretty heels for cocktail attire. Lauren and Emily kept it simple, leaving the feminine silhouette to shine.


Amy is 5’4” and wears an XS in the Fit and Flare.


Lauren is 5’ 9” and wears an XL in the Fit and Flare.


Emily is 5’4’ and wears an XS in the Fit and Flare.

The Sleeveless Shirt Dress

If you still can’t let go of your go-to summer dress, have no fear, the Sleeveless Shirt Dress works all year round. Sami showed us how to wear it into fall with her camel leather jacket, simple gold necklace and brown booties (not pictured).


Sami wears an XXS in the Sleeveless Shirt Dress.

The Cropped Crew (Coming Soon!)

The Cropped Crew is our new (coming soon!) chunky knit sweater. Our Real Models worked it two ways. Hilana wore it over the Tank Maxi so she could continue to take her favorite summer style into the fall. Laya wore it over the Chambray Shirt Dress to give the dress a more preppy look.


Hilana is 5’5” and wears a small in the Tank Maxi and Cropped Crew.


Laya is 5’7” and wears a small in the Cropped Crew and an extra small in our Chambray Shirt Dress.

The Slim Turtleneck (Coming Soon!)

The Slim Turtleneck is super versatile. Amy went for a casual look, pairing it with jeans. We’ve also seen this sweater under the Fit and Flare for a cute jumper look. And it pairs perfectly with the Pencil Dress for more sophistocated style. 


Amy is 5’4″ and wears a small in the Slim Turtleneck

Thank you again to our beautiful Real Models for helping with our photo shoot. And thanks to Lara at Studio Nouveau for taking the photos!

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