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Let’s Get to Know Each Other


First things first…

Welcome! We are very excited to share our business-baby with you! We thought some of you like-minded entrepreneurial folk might be interested in learning about the process of starting up an online clothing business. In an effort to help others who might have similar dreams, we thought we’d share our experiences along the way. Whaddya say? Join us for the ride!

Let us introduce ourselves…

Hi, my name is Jay. I’ll spare you my resume and cut to the chase. I love textiles, fabric, and design. I can spot a well-made garment from a mile away and I hate trashy clothes. Ill-fitting, sloppily-made clothes make me want to scream!

“You want me to put that on my body?! You must be joking.”

That is basically my general thought process when walking through H&M, Forever 21 (insert most large, retail chains). Fast-fashion, while fun, trendy, and cheap, has forced many once-quality stores to lower the bottom line. If you don’t want to spend $400 on a dress, nor do you want to spend $40 on a dress, what are you supposed to do?? I know I am not the only girl out there with this problem. (Bueller? Bueller?)

My experience with textiles and working with amazing factories overseas will be a huge asset to our company. My main responsibilities will include product dev, fabric sourcing, production management, setting up our supply chain, and making jokes (hopefully funny ones).

Meet my partner-in-crime, Katie…

Hi, my name is Katie. I’m excited to meet you and look forward to using this blog to bounce ideas around, share experiences and learn from each other.  Otherwise known as friends-with-benefits

I have a background in marketing and e-commerce and will be responsible for the website and business-end of things. Like Jay, I’m all about filling the gap between low-quality, fast fashion and unattainable designer labels. My closet is the epitome of what’s wrong with the fashion world today. I have 3 or 4 favorite designer dresses that I’ve purchased over the years when I’ve had some extra money to spare. The rest is pretty run of the mill. I can’t wait to give women the opportunity to fill their closets with our designer-quality dresses so they can feel like they have something special to wear everyday.

Some of my strengths include branding and messaging, user experience and strategy. I love the idea of evoking emotion and look up to Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) for building a brand that people feel truly attached to. 

Thanks for getting to know us!

We can’t wait to learn more about you! Along the way, we hope you’ll ask questions, give advice, and let us know what kind of clothes you have been dying to have in your closet!

In the comments below let us know if you’re an entrepreneur and what you are working on!

xx K&J

PS–The image at the top of this post was one of our first mood boards, created to help us develop the look and feel of Brass.

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